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Partner Program

When Your Church Joins Our Program: Change Happens!

Imagine a world where churches transform from sanctuaries of Sunday worship into beacons of support for families facing mental health and recovery challenges.


A world where faith becomes a guiding light on the path to healing, and where communities embrace these families with open arms and unwavering compassion.

This is the vision we strive for, and when your church joins our program, you become a vital part of the solution.


Your commitment doesn't just open doors for your own congregation, but creates a ripple effect of hope that extends far beyond your walls.

Here's how your partnership empowers us to make a difference:

More Safe Spaces: With your participation, we can expand our reach, offering more support groups and resources to families in need. Your church becomes a safe haven, a place where families can find solace, share their struggles, and connect with others on similar journeys.

Deeper Insights: Your feedback is invaluable. By collaborating with you and understanding the unique needs of your community, we can tailor our resources and programs to be more effective and impactful. Your voices become the compass that guides us in creating a truly supportive environment.

A Stronger Network: Your church becomes a vital link in a growing network of care. We can work together to connect families with additional resources, healthcare providers, and community support systems. This collaboration ensures no family walks alone, and every individual receives the comprehensive support they need.

Empowering the Church: By participating, you equip your own church with the tools and knowledge to better support families within your congregation. We provide training, resources, and guidance to help your church members become pillars of strength and understanding.

Building a Brighter Future: Your commitment creates a ripple effect of hope that extends beyond your church walls. By setting an example of compassion and support, you inspire other churches and communities to join the movement, creating a world where families facing mental health and recovery challenges are met with open arms and unwavering faith.

Joining our program is more than just offering a space for support. It's a statement of faith, a commitment to building a more inclusive and compassionate community where everyone feels loved, valued, and empowered to navigate their journey with hope and strength.

We invite you to join us in this mission. Let your church become a beacon of light, a haven of support, and a catalyst for positive change.


Together, we can create a world where families facing mental health and recovery challenges find the support they need to heal, thrive, and live their best lives.

Groups, Books, and Resources

Free Training, Free Mentorship, Free Resources.

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