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Partner Program

We are asking for your partnership in supporting our at-risk youth programs and ministry.


As you know, there are many young people in our community who are struggling. They may be dealing with poverty, abuse, neglect, or other challenges. These young people are at risk of dropping out of school, getting involved in drugs, crime, or even becoming homeless.


Our at-risk youth programs provide these young people with the hope they need to succeed. We offer tutoring, mentoring, counseling, and other services that help them to stay grounded, develop healthy relationships, and build a brighter future.


We are committed to providing these essential services to all young people in our community, regardless of their background or financial situation. However, we cannot do this without your help.


Your partnership would allow us to continue providing these life-changing programs to young people in need. It would also help us to reach more young people with the message of hope and healing that is found in Jesus Christ.


We would be honored to have you as a partner in our ministry. Thank you for your consideration.

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Partner Program

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