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Camps and Clubs

Story Ministry offers a variety of free and paid camps and clubs for youth who are interested in creative expression, entrepreneurship, and music.

Free camps:

  • YouTube Camp: Learn how to create and grow your own YouTube channel.

  • Young Entrepreneur Camp: Learn the basics of entrepreneurship and how to start your own business.

  • Music Camp: Learn how to play an instrument, write songs, and record music.

  • Creative Camp: Explore your creativity through art, writing, and drama.

  • Christian Music Magazine Camp: Learn how to write for Christian Music Magazine and get your work published.

  • Basketball: Free one and to day camps for kids and youth 


Free and paid home school clubs:

  • Creative Writing Club for Christian Music Magazine: Learn how to write Christian songs and poems.

  • Music Club: Learn how to play an instrument and sing.

  • Studio Club: Learn how to record music and produce your own songs.

  • Christian Influencer Club: Learn how to use social media to share your faith and influence others.

All of our camps and clubs are taught by experienced and passionate instructors who are committed to helping young people reach their full potential.

We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and we are here to help you share yours.

Want to help? We need sponsors, partners, and volunteers.

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