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How Can You Be A Good steward?

Here at Story Ministry, our tithing looks different than most other churches. We believe in tithing with the gifts and talents  God has given us.

Money is worldly, but gifts and talents are from God. Our tithing should be pleasing to God, and sometimes with money we end up with resentment or not putting thought into our sacrifice or tithing. 

Our first step to tithing is to read, pray, and spend time with God every day. The most important thing to God is relationship; spending time with God is one of the best ways give to God.

Second step towards tithing would be using the gifts God has given us. God has made every one of us unique, with gifts and talents. Tithing, for us, is using our gifts to help spread love, peace, and joy along with the rest of our fruit.

The last step in tithing is being a good steward in your community. We love when you volunteer with the church and school, but your family, friends, and neighbors need help outside of our buildings. Tithing, to us, looks like helping a neighbor, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, talking with a friend, and representing love outside of the church. 

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We are always looking for volunteers to help support and grow our ministry. 

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