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Invest In hope

When you tithe to Story Ministry, you're not just giving – you're investing in hope.


Here's how your contribution makes a real difference:


  • More Resources: Every tithe fuels the creation of essential resources like support groups, educational materials, and online tools. These resources empower families to navigate the complexities of mental health with knowledge and confidence.

  • More Families Helped: Your support strengthens our reach, allowing us to connect with and offer assistance to more families facing the challenges of mental health. Every life touched is a victory, a testament to the power of compassion and community.

  • Growth for Greater Impact: Your tithe helps us expand our services and programs, allowing us to reach new communities and address emerging needs. This growth ensures that more families, regardless of their circumstances, have access to the support they need.


Think of your tithe as a seed planted in fertile ground:


  • It blossoms into resources: Providing families with the tools and information they need to thrive.

  • It blooms into hope: Offering strength and encouragement to those facing difficult times.

  • It grows into a stronger community: Connecting families and fostering a network of support where no one walks alone.


By tithing to Story Ministry, you become a vital part of this story of hope and resilience. You invest in the well-being of families, empower them to find their strength, and contribute to building a brighter future for all.

Remember, every act of generosity, no matter how small, has the power to create ripples of change. Join us in making a difference, one story at a time.

ways you can Support us:


We invite you to join us in this mission. Let your church become a beacon of light,

Please Send Written Testimonies and Tithes To:

P.O. Box 6031 Round Rock, TX 78664


Story Ministry appreciates all donations, and we are prayerfully thankful for all support.

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