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Story Ministry: We're Here for You

Are you facing challenges in your family, church, or business? Story Ministry is here to offer support, resources, and a listening ear. We believe that no one should struggle alone.


  • We understand the difficulties of addiction and mental health.

  • We offer prayer, support groups, and resources to help your family heal.

  • Isolation only makes things worse. Let us walk beside you on the road to recovery.



  • We provide training, mentorship, and workshops to support the mental well-being of your pastors, staff, and volunteers.

  • A healthy church starts with a healthy team.

  • Don't let burnout hinder your ability to serve others.

  • Story Ministry can be your partner in building a thriving church community.



  • We offer dedicated prayer teams and regular check-ins to support the mental health of your employees.

  • Our team includes lived-experience professionals who understand your struggles.

  • We provide access to therapists and counselors, but also recognize the power of connection.

  • Story Ministry fosters a safe space for your employees to share and receive support.


No matter the challenge, Story Ministry is here to help. Let's build a stronger community, together.

Interested in a mental health coach?

Who can benefit from mental health coaching?


Is life throwing challenges your way? Are you struggling with:

  • A loved one's addiction: Feeling helpless and unsure where to begin?

  • Grief and loss: Needing support processing a difficult loss and helping your family cope?

  • Overwhelming emotions: Stress, anxiety, hopelessness, fear, anger, loneliness, hurt, or depression?

We understand. Our mental health coaches have faced similar struggles and found healthier ways to cope and heal.

We can help you too. Contact us today for a free coaching session.

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