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Renewal Of The Mind

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Imagine being Job in the Bible, while finding yourself stuck in the wilderness with Moses.  


At this point in my life,  I understand most people have gone through some major events and have a testimony to share with the world. 


In the story of my life, I would like to think I would be more like Caleb and Joshua in the promise land, but the truth is, life can get complicated. I found myself completely broken 2 years ago, really in the worst place mentally I have ever been. One day as I was begging God for help, He told me to write a book, not only a book but He impressed Romans 12:2 on my heart. I didn't understand until I read it, and saw The Renewing Of My Mind.

The renewing of your mind is not just about your mind, but your heart.

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28 Day Challenge

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Join our 28 day challenge in October! Our goal is to help build awareness for World Mental Health Month, by challenging each one of you to join us in the Renewing Of Your Mind and Heart.


To join the challenge: First purchase your copy of the book, grab you favorite daily quote from the book, and share it with a friend, family member, or  your social network.

Free Resources

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